How to Make Floating Marshmallow Soap {Make It Handmade}

Today we are making Chocolate Mint Marshmallow Soaps. These light and airy soap cubes float on water and have a foamy-fun texture. Before we get started you may want to pause the video here and print the written recipe and ingredient list from the website Creating this product takes six simple steps: Prep. Base. Additives.

Mold. Package. Label. Now lets get started. Prepare for the project.

Gather the ingredients and equipment. Create a safe workspace that is clean and secluded from children & pets. We recommend wearing protective clothing such as long sleeves, an apron, goggles, gloves, a mask and a hair net.

Begin with the base. In a large glass measuring cup, add twenty-four ounces of cubed Premium Ultra White Melt and Pour Soap Base. Microwave in thirty-second increments until the soap is melted. Next, incorporate the additives.

мыло ручной работы handmade soap

In a small beaker, add twenty-one and one-half milliliters of White Chocolate Cake Fragrance Oil, one and one-half milliliters of Spearmint Essential Oil and eleven milliliters of Vanilla Color Stabilizer for MP Soap. Stir well and set aside for two minutes. To the melted soap, add four and one-half ounces of Crystal Clear Shower Gel and the fragrance mixture from earlier. Mix well until the additives are incorporated. The final additive is the color.

Move half of the soap to a second measuring cup. To one of the measuring cups, add fifteen drops of Stained Glass Forest Green Liquid Color and mix well. Next, we will texture and mold the product. Working quickly, mix the green soap with a hand mixer on medium speed. Pour half of the green soap into the silicone tray mold. Whip the white soap in the same manner until frothy.

Add the white soap to the mold in random areas. Finish by pouring the remaining green soap into the mold. Allow to harden. Once hardened, unmold and cut the soap along the indents. Next, cut each rectangular soap piece into four marshmallow pieces. The product is ready for packaging.

Place four marshmallow soaps into a cello bag, and finish with curling ribbon. Labels add a nice finishing touch, and keep your product compliant with the FDA. The label needs to include the product name, net weight size, directions for use, ingredients in descending order of predominance, company name, and contact information. Share your Chocolate Mint Marshmallow Soaps with others!

Kids will love using these semi-squishy marshmallows in the tub. The sweet mint aroma makes these soaps ideal for your spring product line!

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