Just Keep Swimming

When sports players are recovering from injuries, they are often put through training that involves spending time in the swimming pool. There are a few good reasons behind this – first of all, it provides support and soothing for recovering muscles. But just as importantly the water provides them with resistance, which is excellent for building up muscles and making the sportsman (or woman) more ready to return to the competition field. If you have ever broken a major bone, you will have had to wear a plaster cast. When that cast comes off, the muscles in the area appear wasted and dead – without a lot of exercises, they just will not be the same as they were.


Even if you have not had a major injury – and even if you have been injury free all your life, swimming is an excellent way of getting into shape. If you go for regular runs, you need to make sure that so many factors are right – pace, surface, footwear and running style. If they are not in tune you can pull muscles, damaged ligaments or tendons and several other potential nasty injuries. While it is worth getting a running regime going for cardio-vascular exercise, swimming is one way to get fit where all you need is a swimming costume and access to a pool. Once those are in place, you’re away.

In comparison to running, swimming is a very safe way to get in shape. You have the low impact of water rather than hard, concrete surfaces that exist in most towns, or the treadmills in the gym. In the early days of your training regime, swimming is an excellent way to build towards the right shape, strength and fitness levels. You may well find that you really enjoy it too. There is something incredibly soothing about moving about underwater and letting it wash over you. It’s like a giant bath, only you are not going to accidentally pull the plug.

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