Nintendo Switch Splatoon Cake!!

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– Hey guys, how’s it going? Guess who’s here today in my kitchen? – ManAboutCake! – First, introduce yourself, tell us about your channel, – OK. and then I wanna tell you guys a story of why he’s here right now. – My name is Josh John Russell and I have a show called ManAboutCake, where each week we tackle trends in the cake world. It’s a lot of fun.

And she called and I came. – Ooh you guys. So basically we stalked him online and you guys tweeted him a bunch of times and told him to come and make a cake with me and now here we are, it’s happening. – Thank you for the tweets, it worked. – Well today, we’re making something really exciting. We were discussing what we should make.

Clearly you guys already know that I’m a huge Nintendo fan, but there is a new game coming out for the Nintendo Switch: Splatoon 2. Have you ever played Splatoon? – I am not a gamer at all. I ordered one of these, and in about two months, I’m gonna have like a beard and long hair and be like, ugh, still playing it, because I get addicted to video games.

– And if you guys haven’t seen his channel, he actually makes really incredible things. (upbeat music) Like, I am so embarrassed, – No! ‘Cause if you even like looked at my channel, like it’s– – No, it’s gonna be good. (gasps) OK. – You make good stuff. I liked your Pac-Man cake, it was awesome.

– Thanks. (laughing) So, what do you think are gonna be the challenges with making this today? – I think the carving part, and the fact that this fridge is very small. – Sorry. – And I got a little overambitious with our template. It’s large.

It’s gonna barely fit, but it’s gonna fit. – It’ll fit. We can move some things around.

– OK. – Like, the wine. (laughing) OK, let’s get started. What should we do first? – We gotta make buttercream.

– OK. – Let’s do it. – How do we do that? – I’m gonna show you, so, OK. We’re gonna take, I know you like store-bought icing, there’s nothing wrong with that at all, it’s delicious, but I like to take it and make it a little bit, uh, like more my own.

– That’s fine. – So, we’re gonna like take it up a notch by adding things to it and then it’ll feel like it’s homemade. – I just don’t make homemade ’cause I don’t know how and I’m lazy, so. (laughing) – Let’s get the mixer. Not the blender.

– Wait, you don’t want a blender? – No, I don’t think it’ll work in a blender. – [Justine] OK, I don’t think it will, either. – We need like the spinny, paddly, can I help you? – Careful, it’s heavy. Oh my God!

– Do you know what you have? – Yes. (giggling) – I’ll see you later, Justine!

It’s so amazing. This is like limited edi- they only made like a few of these. – They made 500, which I thought they made a thousand, but 500 is not very many. – I want one so bad. – They probably still have them. I don’t think they sold that quick.

What’s this? – I brought you in a really nice cocoa. – Wow! – This stuff is made in Italy, so it’s so fancy. – Well I, get it out.

It can’t be here. I don’t deserve it. – You do deserve it. So we’re gonna use, so this is really nice cocoa, – Yeah. so you don’t use this to bake.

But you use it for finishing stuff. – Do we have everything that we need? – Actually, let’s do one more spatula. We’re just gonna put it all in here. – All of it?

– So goopy. – This is great. So thanks for coming to hang out. – [Josh] Thanks for having me.

– [Justine] This is exciting. – [Josh] This is so fun. – So I originally had found you because I wanted to try to do fondant, and I didn’t know how. – That’s how you found my video?

– Yeah. – Oh that’s cool. – And then it looked difficult. I was like, “I’m done!”

He just needs to come to my house and show me. – Yup. I’ll show you it’s easier than doing buttercream. (chuckles) – Do I just like, can I just? – Should I stand back? – Maybe.

– Don’t cut yourself! I need your hands. – [Justine] Oh no, it’s fine. I love knives. – All right, we’re not gonna measure, we’re gonna like put some in here and see what happens. – Perfect.

– Don’t you love that already? – I ain’t about that measuring life. Do you think we should put more in? – No.

We gotta put butter in it, too. – Butter? – Because this has non-butter in it, it’s like some sort of other fat. It like coats your mouth a little bit, so when you add butter, it cuts the sweetness and it feels real and it actually smooths out so much better. But, you have to leave the butter out for a few hours to get soft.

– Oh. – And you can’t boil it in a microwave and then pour it in. I have watched your videos. (laughing) (upbeat music) – [Justine] This is a lot. Let’s see what happens if we go faster. – Oh god.

– [Josh] We’re gonna have to go up. – [Justine] Whoa! I’ve never done that before! – Or you could push it down. – I never even thought about it.

– See if you lift it up a little bit, it gets the stuff at the top. – Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Oh god! – Let’s go ahead and add the vanilla.

– Let’s. – And then you can taste it as vanilla and not chocolate. – Yes. – [Josh] It’s Madagascar bourbon vanilla bean paste. – [Justine] Can I smell it?

– [Josh] Yeah. See it has a little flecks in it, too. – Oh wow, wow! – Watch, I’m gonna pour it out. Let me just shake it a little bit.

– That’s fancy. Oh my that is a lot. – See all the little bits?

– Yeah. – So then it looks like you actually used real vanilla, – But, is it real? which is a super pain.

– Yeah. But, you know, a vanilla pod, you have to like cut and like scrape all the seeds out. – I don’t know that.

– Never done that? (laughs) – Sorry. – OK, then we’ll do a little salt. I know that seems weird, but salt for pastry is just like salt for savory. It brings out the flavors – Oh.

of pastry stuff as well. Are you ready? – Yes I’m ready.

Yeah yeah yeah! – Taste this. Isn’t that so much better? – That’s so much better. – [Josh] Look at that face, I love it!

Well now we’re gonna add cocoa and it’s gonna be even better. – Here’s the problem. They can’t ever taste anything that I make. – Oh, sorry. Here, guys. Two cups.

– [Justine] But that’s measuring. – Yeah but I’m just like eyeing it. So you get to keep the rest of this. – Do you know what I call tablespoons?

– What? – Tblsp. – (laughs) Tblsp. – Do you know what I call a teaspoon?

A tsp. How many tbls is that? – [Josh] A lot.

(laughs) – Wow. – I love this mixer, so awesome. – Let me see. – Definitely more. Isn’t that so good? The best cocoa you ever had in your life?

– This is really good! I thought my trash tasted good. This is delicious! So did you go to school for making cakes? – I did. I went to culinary school.

– Oh wow! – So, not really for making cakes, I went for pastry. But, like, when I was younger, going into like a bakery and seeing like the little star-tipped Scooby-Doo cakes, I’m like, “I’m gonna do that one day.” – That’s amazing. – As a career, my parents thought I was crazy.

And then, all of a sudden chefs became cool. They click on YouTube. – And now here’s YouTube.

– Exactly. – I’m just gonna make sure it still tastes good. – It’s so delicious. It’s so good. – It’s really good.

– It tastes like homemade buttercream. – I wouldn’t know. – That’s true.

– I mean, I’ve probably had it. – Well you have to come on my show and we’ll make real buttercream. You guys should tell us what we should make on my show. – Yes, yes, yes! Leave comments below and let us know what we should make. OK, so now we just magically cleaned up.

Now what do we do? – OK, so now we’re gonna carve the cakes out. So what I did was I made a template. So I blew up a Switch. So then you laminate it, that way if you have to make it again it doesn’t get dirty.

– This is a lot of prep. Usually I just like figure out what I’m gonna do the day before and just hope it works. – Yeah, we prep a lot on ManAboutCake. Here’s the deal with sculpting. It has to be cold. – This is pretty cold, yeah?

– Yeah, it’s pretty cold. – Cool. – I don’t use a lot of store-bought cakes, so. – Look at you, so official, always making your cakes and stuff. – So here’s your template. – Oh my, OK. Let me get rid of this stuff.

It should fit almost exactly. Try to keep your knife as straight as possible and we’re just gonna carve it out. – Should I get a bigger knife? – Yeah, well maybe get a serrated knife. You can use mine, too.

– [Justine] Oh, I have one upstairs. That’s where I keep my knives. – Why do you have a serrated knife upstairs? What is happening up there? – [Justine] So I don’t know if like this one would work.

This is my first machete, – Why do you have that? I’m super excited about it. – I have to know why you have that. – This is my Bowie knife. This is serrated. – Oh, we needed that for the Game of Thrones cake.

– Oh, I’m so sorry. – I think you should do it ’cause it’s funny. Any knife’ll work, – OK. but when I said serrated, I didn’t mean so aggressively serrated. Like, maybe a steak knife would’ve done, but… – I keep this by my bed.

– Let’s see if it works. Just keep it as straight up and down as possible. (upbeat music) – Look at that! – That’s good! And it’s all straight and stuff. Boom!

Yeah, that was awesome. – We should taste the cake. – It’s good, right? – Oh that’s nice. That’s a nice taste.

– Not bad at all. Before you, well, don’t use that. Don’t use that knife.

We’ll use this little knife. See, so you just carve like, make sure it’s getting rounded. – [Justine] I see. OK, all right. – [Josh] Maybe use the little knife for that.

So yeah, just cut in half so we can fill it with buttercream. This cake is fragile. – OK. – There you go.

And then just put it right there. – OK. Just right here? – Or, put it on this. – OK, that’s great. – There you go. Don’t let it break.

– It’s like my baby. – Look at that, perfect. – Look at that! – I’ll get you a scoop.

I didn’t mix it that well. There’s still white in it. – That’s OK. No one’ll see it inside. – So the goal is, once we get it, ’cause before we do the fondant, we have to make sure the cake is really cold. So that’s why I’m worried about it fitting in the fridge.

– I see. We could put it in the freezer. – I only have a cooler. I don’t have like a walk-in or anything.

That’s what I want, Jane, is a walk-in. – That’s where you can put the bodies. (laughing) – OK, so first there’s knives in the bedroom, right?

Sure if you’re the female Dexter, what’s happening? That’s a thick layer of buttercream. – Is that not good? – No, it’s just you’ll have more buttercream. – Mmm!

– Just don’t let it break. Get your hands way under there. – I’m all the way in it.

– That looks pretty even. No, don’t take off too much. Just take a little bit. – [Justine] OK, is this, I’m doing it? – [Josh] Yeah, you’re doing it.

I might need to trim this a little bit. – Yeah, even this, should I trim that right here, too? – Yeah, it needs to be a little flatter. I just totally took over your cake. I’m sorry. – Totally fine.

– But look, here too, maybe a little bit like this. I’m still doing it. I’m a control freak. – It’s OK. Should I start icing as well, or should I like dig a little more in there? – Let me look at that side. Yeah, you’re good.

I think you can ice. – Do you hate… (laughing) – Just put that in. It’s supposed to go on the cake, you know. – All righty. (upbeat piano music) – That’s your shelf down there. – OK. – Oh my god be so careful.

Barely. – OK, we’re gonna clean up and then we’ll be right back. Now, what do we do?

– We’re gonna do another coat and then put it back in the fridge. (upbeat piano music) – Now what? – OK, so now we’re gonna dye fondant. Ooh, I have a present for you. (gasps) – What’s that? – I don’t wanna mess this up, ’cause we’re gonna use colors with this is a mat silicone.

You’re gonna love this thing. – Yeah. – So like, if you ever want to like temper chocolate on it you can do all kinds of stuff and nothing sticks to it. – Do you want to chocolate?

– Or temper chocolate. Do a video on tempering chocolate. – OK, I’ll google it. So, I’m doing the Joy-Con Splatoon game, which there’s a neon green and a neon pink, and they are beautiful. – And I am doing the Joy-Cons for my own show. (laughs) OK, so you’re gonna open your package.

– What the heck do we do with this? – This is a really good fondant, it’s called Renshaw. – I don’t know. – [Josh] That knife, though. – It’s so sharp.

– That knife, though. You should really think about it. – OK, so test a little piece first, so you don’t commit to the whole thing, and then what if it comes out the wrong color? I have more though, if it does.

– OK. – [Josh] Just in case. I need to look at my work, though. Do you have the colors that you can, you have to match them, right? – Do I try just a little of this in here? – Yeah, maybe. – Oh my goodness, I’m making a mess.

So do I stop doing this now? – How did I get pink in mine? What’s happening? – I’m in trouble. – [Josh] So, go. Here, do this.

– OK. Just put a little bit of this down, so it doesn’t get really sticky. – [Justine] This is so sticky. – And then you’re just gonna knead it until there’s no streaks.

We’re gonna go with that. That’s pretty good. – How’d you do that so fast? – I don’t know.

I’ve been doing this a while. – Oh god! – Oh no! Let me see that.

Here, so, let me. I shoulda told you that. So you have to fold it, sorry. – [Justine] Ew!

– You have to kinda fold it in. – I didn’t watch your whole tutorial, – I know, I’m sorry. ’cause I got scared. See, isn’t my job fun? – This is great. I’m sweating.

It’s hard work. – So, just like put ’em apart so they don’t get– – OK. – They’re not making out in there. – No touch.

And then we’ll put ’em to the side while we finish. – Wait, there’s more? – We’re gonna cover the whole thing in black, and then we’ll put these two sides on. – I get it. – Then the screen and the buttons. So I said before, whenever you’re, yes, whenever you’re doing black, buy black fondant.

You can’t really use it right out of the bucket, you have to knead it first, so that’s what I’m doing. Just get it soft. – I’m still doing this. Is that OK? – Yes.

Here, I’ve got it as wide as I probably need it to be, so now I’m gonna go long. You just wanna make sure it’s gonna fit over this. – OK. – I would use some corn starch.

Here, let me see if I can just shape it up. I keep taking over your project and I’m sorry. – I am so fine with that. – Very, very sorry. – ‘Cause you’ve gotta longer this.

I love baking. – OK, I think we’re ready. – I did an incredible job. – You did a great job.

– Thank you. That looks amazing. – You can pick it up. – Oh, I probably shouldn’t have this just sitting off of the side like this. – Plop it on. Pick it up, yeah.

Go, quick! – Oh gosh, OK, what do I do now? What do I do now, what do I do? Oh God, OK. – Slide your arms out. – OK, arms are gone. – Slide ’em out.

– Arms are gone. – So now you just rub it – Uh oh. and make sure it’s sticking to the buttercream. – Look at this! Can you believe, I can’t believe what’s happening.

– Isn’t this fun? You’re doing so well. – Oh my goodness!

– You just wanna make sure it tucks really well up in there. – OK. – [Josh] These are really awesome. You can keep one if you want. They’re like a little X-acto blade.

– Wow, whoa, whoa I love knives. – We’re gonna trim inside here. Get all the excess off. – I did something bad.

– What did you do? – I think I cut too much off, look. – We’re covered. It’s OK. – OK. – It’s OK. – Oh god. Here I go, great. Mmm.

So we’ve done so many things today. I’m slightly overwhelmed. – So many things. And we got more to go. – Oh my goodness.

– So now we gotta make our sides. – OK. – So that’s the color that we made. So we’re just gonna roll out a small piece of each and then we’ll glue them to our cake.

(upbeat music) – Is that good, is that fine? – That’s perfect. – OK. – Get it as straight as you possibly can. You’re doing good.

There, that looks straight. – Cool. – So then the sides, you wanna keep this straight, too. – What’s this?

– This is called confectioners’ glaze. And it makes things really shiny. Do you wanna smell it?

– Yes. – Ugh! (coughs) Smells like, I had a flashback to childhood. Do you remember there were those things that you blow bubbles?

– That’s exactly what it smells like. – Yes. – I know what you’re talking about.

– Yes, it’s like a little that goop? It’s like a goop that put like on a straw. – Do they still sell that stuff?

– I don’t know. – Yeah, just go in the same direction, back and forth. – So this is completely edible, right? – It is.

It’s just beetles. – Wait, what? – It’s made out of beetles. Like cockroaches and, – Are you for real? I swear to God it’s made out of beetles, yeah. (laughs) Were you not ready for that?

You have a sword. I think you’re fine. – Yeah but I hate bugs.

I’m still trying to get over the fact that I’m brushing beetles on a cake. – They make fluor out of crickets that’s really high in protein. – Wait, really? – Yeah.

– I mean, I might’ve eaten it and I don’t even know. – You wouldn’t know ’cause it doesn’t taste like crickets. It tastes like whatever like the brownie that you’re eating. – Oh my gosh, no.

– OK, now we’re gonna make our buttons and stuff. Can I please show you my surprise? – Yes. – You’re gonna die.

The screen – Oh yeah, we don’t have anything on the screen. would be very difficult to paint. – It would be. – So, I printed it and it looks amazing.

– (gasps) – Isn’t that so cool? – That’s like the Start menu. – That’s the screen, so that’ll be – Oh my gosh! what we put on there. – This is so, wait, so I can eat that?

– Smell it, yeah. – Oh it smells delicious. – And I have ManAboutCake. So there’s this place in Orange called– – Is it like FedEx? – I didn’t go to FedEx office like, “Hey, can you put this sugar sheet through your printer, please?”

If you go to like a specialty cake store, – Kinko’s for cake. – Yeah, well that’s what they do, Kinko’s for cake. So it was called Cakewalk Candy and Cake Supplies, – Wow, wow, wow! – And I just e-mailed them the image, and she printed it right out. Button time.

(upbeat music) – You have to paint the letters. This is titanium dioxide. – What? – Also known as a white white. How are you doing? That looks pretty good.

– OK. – Ready to stick? – Yeah. Do I have to put the stuff on the back? – This is all I’m giving you. – OK. – That’s all you get.

– Aw. (upbeat music) Yes! – That looks so good. – It looks awesome. – Dude. – Can you believe it?

– Killer. I mean you believe it, but can they believe it? – Looks really good. This is so exciting. – We should like clean up so it looks better. – Yes, let’s clean up and then we’ll chat about it.

(upbeat music) Our cakes are officially done. Here they are. – Dude, you did so good. – I am so excited. Thank you so much – Of course. For coming over here and making a Switch cake.

– Yeah, we’ll have to do more. This was fun. – When you get your Switch, you’re gonna have to let me know, – I will. – ‘Cause we are gonna be playing Splatoon 2.

So here we go. Should we try it? – Yeah, let’s taste it. – OK! Can I try this paper? – That’s a lot of frosting.

– I mean it tastes fine. Like, it’s not something that I’d be like, “Wow, I wanna eat this whole sheet.” – I just took a bite outta mine.

– [Justine] This looks so good! This makes me so sad. – Cheers. – Cheers! – Mmm.

– Oh, it’s actually pretty good. – Right. – Oh my god. – And the good cocoa. – Yeah.

I mean, even this basic cake that you bought from wherever is good. – The grocery store. – I love the grocery store. Naked cake, it’s a thing.

– Want some off my knife? (chuckles) OK, well the cake tasted awesome. – It’s good. – Thank you so much for coming here and hanging out and teaching me – Thanks for having me. how to use fondant.

– Of course. – Make sure you guys go check out his channel. I’ll put a link in the description where you can check out all things ManAboutCake. I love it. It’s such a cute name.

It’s so good. – Thank you. – It’s cool.

Well, thank you guys so much. We’ll see you later. – Bye!

(upbeat music)

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