The Back Backgammon Strategy

The back strategy is based on letting the opponent hit your blots and trying to hit the opponent at his home board. This strategy is useful when the opponent has a significant advantage. Re-entering the board at the opponent’s home half is disadvantageous for you, but hitting the opponent’s checkers that already are at his home board is more disadvantageous for the opponent.

The Opening Roll

When the game only starts and you do not even know what strategy you are going to implement, it still can be useful to set your checkers in a certain way that will serve well for all strategies. There are certain strategic points in Backgammon , and these points should better be occupied as soon as possible. These points are your point 5 and your point 4. The perfect starting strategy is to occupy your point 4 and point 5 and occupy the same points at the opponent’s side to not let him block them before you. Below, there is a number of good first rolls:


You move a checker from point 6 to point 5 and another one from point 8 to point 5, occupying the point 5 and not leaving any blunts.


Move 2 checkers from point 6 to point 5 and two checkers from point 8 to point 7, leaving a blunt at point 8, but occupying points 5, 6 and 7.


Move two checkers from your opponent’s point 1 to your opponent’s point 4 and two other checkers from your opponent’s point 12 to your point 9.


Move two back checkers to your opponent’s point 7 and two checkers from the opponent’s point 12 to your point 7.


Two checkers from your point 6 to your point 4 and two checkers from your opponent’s point 12 to your point 11.


One checker from the opponents point 12 to your point 7 and one counter from your point 8 to your point 7.

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