You Are What You Eat

There are many drawbacks to having a poor diet. Not only will constant takeaways and microwave meals cause you to put on weight, they will have an effect on so many other parts of your makeup that you will suffer more than you can possibly believe.

The effects on the waistline are the first that people will notice, but you will also have less energy, your skin will suffer and there is plenty of evidence to suggest that your mental well-being will be affected as well. Your body needs the nutrients that fresh food provides, otherwise it will suffer. You would not buy a new sports car and then
put gravy in the petrol tank, would you? You have to make sure that you give your body the fuel it needs to.


Fresh fruit and veg are vitally important. The range of vitamins and minerals that they provide will allow you to function at a greatly increased level, having an effect on all sorts of things from bones to eyes – for example, if you eat bananas regularly you will find that they allow you to function at a higher level for a prolonged period. This is
because they contain lots of potassium, which is good for slow-release energy. If you ever watch Championship tennis matches, you will see players eating bananas between games. This is because, over the course of a match, a declining energy level can see a player lose performance and be at risk of injury. Keeping the energy coming prevents this.
For your body to function well, you also need to get lots of fiber. Fresh fruit and veg are a good source for this too, while brown and wholemeal bread is also packed with fiber, as are cereals and baked goods with a lot of bran in them. But whatever the issue that you are seeking to address via your diet, make sure that you don’t concentrate on it to the detriment of other areas. This will just move your problems to another area – and after some time you’ll be looking for a way to fix that, too.

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